About the journey

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When my kids were teens, I learned: dial down the drama. Keep it cool. The more intensity you invest in a topic, the more resistance you’re going to meet.

It was a useful lesson for a copywriter/eco-consultant serving a not-yet-green, semi-skeptical  clientele. Cool, pragmatic rationale and easy-to-implement plans, with plenty of attention to return on investment, won out over passionate polemics every time.

But where could I speak from my heart? Not just about the passion I felt regarding the devastation that is happening to the Earth and to the beings of the Earth, but also about the blinkers, blocks, illusions and fears that are enforcing a kind of cultural blindness, deafness, and silence about the slow and steady destruction of the planet that is our home.

Over the years I’ve encountered challenges and obstacles that I thought were all my own – but which turned out to be cultural issues. Encountered struggles and pains that I thought were unique to me – but which turned out to be shared by many (women, widows, spiritual seekers, solo business owners, tree-huggers, dirt-worshippers, permaculture students, single parents of hetero, gay and trans adult children, take your pick).

And I’ve learned that that seeming isolation kept me silenced and afraid of speaking up in my own voice, with my own passion, from my own heart.

So, I figure, let’s strip away the scary singularity from some of those isolating stories we tell ourselves, and see where the truth lies….

As I step into a new phase of my personal journey, I want to share some thoughts (and meditations, and maybe even rants) on these issues, and invite yours in response. And I want to offer some of the amazing resources that I’ve been blessed to find along the way…and invite you to share yours.