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As the global economy gets more dicey and the U.S. lurches toward austerity for all but the 1%, it seems that a liv­able envi­ron­ment — clean air and water, healthy oceans and forests, abun­dant safe food and fer­tile earth, clean renew­able energy — is tak­ing a back seat to just about everything, while many of us struggle against frustration … depression … overwhelm.

But here’s the good news: it is possible to take cre­ative, pro­duc­tive action!

Sustainability is not just about swap­ping light bulbs or adding filters to your faucets anymore (though my green store can help you with that). Now, it’s time to go deeper, and take a look at some of the cul­tural per­spec­tives that brought us to this situation…and health­ier alternatives.

To help you get started I offer (and co-facilitate) intro­duc­tory work­shops, cir­cles and forums in the Maryland area. They’re full of real-world facts, prac­ti­cal tips and resources, tai­lored to the group of your choice….

Awak­en­ing the Dreamer, Chang­ing the Dream

Cre­at­ing a Healthy, Energy-Efficient Home

Basic Permaculture Concepts

Con­nect­ing to Mother Earth

To learn more about these work­shops, forums, and con­ver­sa­tion cir­cles, call (866)937‑6556 or email


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