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– same pages, same current content, but much more room to grow. Please come with us!!




Sunday Spiritual Gathering at 6:00 p.m.
Potluck Supper at 7:30 PM
Annapolis Friends Meeting, 351 Dubois Road, Annapolis, Maryland

When I learned of a community based on the ancient teachings of creation-based spirituality as laid out in Matthew Fox’s world-changing book, Original Blessing, I held off attending for a long time. My experiences in organized religion had not been good – doctrinal nitpicking, salvation snobbery, ritual psychomanipulation and/or utterly passionless formulaic ceremony. From the viewpoint of more than a decade spent recovering through Quaker meeting, Earth-based ritual and indigenous spiritual practice, I had no desire to go back to a church of any stripe.

But this one was based on Original Blessing…and so by definition could not be like the fall-redemption-based churches I had known….so I went to try it out.

Three months later, I’m still attending…and becoming active in the ongoing life of the community. I have found authenticity, depth, and Divine Presence in that tiny congregation as in no other church, large or small. Radically inclusive, welcoming all spiritual seekers, Evolve presences genuine love, hospitality, and caring for all. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


Mon – Jun 13, 2011, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
810 W 36th Street
“The Avenue” in Hampden
Baltimore, MD 21211
410-235-READ (7323)

Baltimore IONS explores the mysteries and potential of human consciousness. Everyone is welcome! Baltimore IONS is a local group affiliated with the Institute of Noetic Science. Find IONS on Facebook!


A biweekly group meeting on first and third Fridays, hosted by Universalus Spiritual Community, 7:00 p.m. in Timonium, MD
Meetup Link

As A Course In Miracles says, “We are all teachers and learners to one another.”  This is an ongoing drop-in discussion/study group of The Course In Miracles as well as other spiritual teachings and practices that impact our spiritual journey. We share our journey with one another in the spirit of true community. Please join us and bring your insights into the teachings and practices of your spiritual paths(s).


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