Quotes on the Divine Feminine

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Mary is also God: unacknowledged, female, and dark. She is the Mother God. God, as I am using the term, is both what we describe as female and male, both dark and light, and neither male nor female, nor dark nor light, nor any other term that we can use. God the Mother is just as real and present today as any other human conception of a power which no human term can fully describe. ~~China Galland,
Longing for Darkness: Tara and the Black Madonna


“i found god in myself
and i loved her
i loved her fiercely”

Ntozake Shange

The Goddess can be seen as the symbol, the normative image of immanence. She represents the divine embodied in nature, in human beings, in the flesh. The Goddess is not one image but many – a constellation of forms and associations – earth, air, fire, water, moon and star, sun, flower and seed, willow and apple, black, red, white, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She includes the male in her aspects: He becomes child and Consort, stag and bull, grain and reaper, light and dark. Yet the femaleness of the Goddess is primary not to denigrate the male, but because it represents bringing life into the world, valuing the world. The Goddess, the Mother, as symbol of that value, tells us that the world itself is the content of the world, its true value, its heart, and its soul…..
Dreaming the Dark

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